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Post by Admin on Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:26 am

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that was not answered here, please PM me and I will add it as soon as I can. I will also PM you the answer, so you don't have to check back here.

Can I become staff?
Yes! Of course your can, you can apply for staff at anytime, just make sure that you have all the requirements at the top of the form. To got to the Trial-Mod section go here.

Who is the Owner of the server?
Skilledkevin25 also known as Kevin is the Owner of the server, you may see some other people on the server that are there to help him when he needs it, but they are not Owners, they are just people who have asked to help.

What is your IP?
Well if you really already don't know it:

What plugins do you use?
Not naming them all, but our main used ones: WorldEdit, WorldGaurd, Essentials, Survival-Games, LWC, CoreProtect and Iconomy

Are my chests and doors private and safe?
Yes! They are 100% safe, no one can access your chests or doors unless you give them permission to. We use a plugin called Lockette, you just have to simply place a sign on your chest/door and it will lock it for you. To add people to your chest permission right click on the Lockette sign and then type /lockette (line) (name/text) you can also set up timers for your door so it will automatically close behind you after a certain amount of seconds. If you need help using this plugin, just ask a staff member in game to help you.

How do I rank up?
You can rank up by building things! You can build whatever you wish, as long as it meets our standards! When you are finished building your house/build, ask a staff member in game to check it out and they will rank you up! Keep in mind that only specific staff members can rank you up.

Where can I donate?
You can donate by typing /buy in game, and it will give you a menu, click on the specific package you would like. Then it will give you a link in chat, then follow the simple steps to donate. You can also go here if you don't wish to go through the server way of doing things. Simply click on the "Ranks" tab to see the different types of packages.

How can I/a friend get unbanned?
It is not guaranteed that you will be unbanned.


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