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Introduction of Panurgy  Empty Introduction of Panurgy

Post by Panurgy on Fri Jan 02, 2015 5:41 am

Hello friends, enemies, and enemies who pretend to be friends. My name is Panurgy, but I am also known as the Cavern Creature and the Caveman. I actually was with Skilled Craft during the 1.7 era where I set up a cave society were I hardly ever left. I almost forgot what the sky looked like.

As you could probably guess, I like caves. I tend to make my entire living out of them. It tends to get lonely down in the caverns, so I like to make places for my friends to live. Considering there is a special hatred in my heart for creepers and skeletons, so I also like to set up teems of fighters when I get the chance.

I intend to make another society within the caves if I get the chance. It will be a wonderful place were I would be willing to welcome anyone. I hope for a bright future within Skilled Craft.


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