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Post by ethanoc on Tue Apr 08, 2014 2:06 am

Name: ethanoc
Age: i do not feel this information is relevant to the topic at hand.
why: i was given the impression that idealist was the highest rank besides owner and co-owner. i have been playing on this server for a couple of months i do not know exactly how long but i do know i have been playing longer than most. i have went up through all of the ranks and have tried to be helpful to the other players. i know that griefing will not be tolerated on this server and i agree, i can be trusted with creative, i despise people who abuse it. i do have former staff experience prier to this server, but i am now retired from that position because i wanted to focus my energy on skilled craft. i am a hard worker and will do what the owner asks off me without complaints, i will respect the decisions he makes. thank you for you consideration

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