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Post by TheRealDerping_Justin00 on Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:43 pm

My age: 14
My sexy name: Justin Park
My sexy minecraft name: Derping_Justin00 (Beautiful right Very Happy)
I play on this server 1-2 hours a day Very Happy
The amount of time I have served you: 2 months or so
I want to become a trial-mod because I love to help people. If there is someone that needs help i'm probably the first or second to be there. I also have experience dealing with people who beg for creative or anything like that. Anytime anyone on the server needs help, I will be there ASAP. Also, I have experience and such as an admin. I am following every rule and I am respectful and responsible.
Love me. (This server's the best I've been on Very Happy)

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