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[Accepted] Ethanoc's App Empty [Accepted] Ethanoc's App

Post by ethanoc on Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:14 am

here is my app.  my ign is ethanoc and this is why i think i should be considored to be atrial mod. for one im a good builder.  i have built my castle, harbor, and block hunt arena.  secondly i have experience with being in charge.  a couple years ago i lived in Hershy PA there my parants took care of children so basicly it was like having 8 younger brothers.  i am a mod on another server so ik how to use world edit.  i have read the rules over and i will follow them.  i will not hand out creative because that was an issue on a different server and i have had to deal with people constantly asking for creative.  i will make sure people dont swear to much.  thank you for your considoration - ethanoc

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